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NWHHS launches new Allied Health Rehabilitation Program

NWHHS launches new Allied Health Rehabilitation Program

2024-03-07 09:12:51

NWHHS launches new Allied Health Rehabilitation Program

7th March 2024

North West Hospital and Health Service is thrilled to announce the commencement of its new rehabilitation service in Allied Health. 

With a commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in healthcare delivery, the introduction of this innovative model aims to cater to the evolving needs of our communities while ensuring patient-centered care. 

The primary objective of the team is to provide time-limited and goal-orientated therapy and rehabilitation services to adults aged 18 years and older, with a focus on optimising functional capacity and enhancing quality of life. 

Executive Director of Allied Health Andrew Quabba said by offering consistent and integrated care throughout the patient's sub-acute journey, the team ensures a holistic service that prioritises patient safety. 

“This new service enables comprehensive early consultation and a thorough review of each patient's rehabilitation care needs, empowering patients to be actively engaged in their recovery from the outset,” Mr Quabba said. 

“Through timely and appropriate access to care, as close to home as possible, the team aims to enhance patient experiences and outcomes significantly.” 

Operating at the interface of hospital and home, the team comprises dedicated professionals including an occupational therapist, physiotherapist, allied health assistant, and administration officer. Together, they deliver services aimed at reducing hospital length of stay, limiting functional decline, and ultimately improving the overall quality of life for patients. 

Leading this initiative are Senior Occupational Therapist Dan Williams and Physiotherapist Harry Martine, who bring with them a wealth of experience and expertise to the service. Their dedication, coupled with the support of rotational Allied Health staff, ensures seamless and effective delivery of short-term, goal-directed allied health services across both inpatient and outpatient settings. 

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for our health service that will enable our patients to receive high quality and patient centred rehabilitative therapy closer to home and their families in the North West,” Mr Williams said. 

“It’s exciting to work with such a great team of professionals to deliver the new rehabilitation service and we are confident that this initiative will significantly benefit our patients, enabling them to achieve optimal recovery outcomes."