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Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme

Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme

2023-10-23 09:59:08

The Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme (PTSS) provides financial assistance for patients who are referred to specialist medical services not available at their local public hospital or health facility.

Eligible patients are able to apply for a subsidy to assist with travel and accommodation costs of accessing specialist medical services.

Patients approved for PTSS will receive a subsidy to attend the closest public hospital or health facility where the specialist medical treatment is available. Patients travelling to access private specialist services may be eligible for a subsidy if the service is not available within 50 kilometres of the patient's closest public hospital or health facility.

The Scheme is Queensland Government funded and administered through Queensland Health. It aims to support Queenslanders to access specialist medical treatment wherever they live in the state.

The PTSS guideline provides more information on the Scheme.

The PTSS is not intended to cover the full costs associated with accessing specialist medical services.

Eligible patients can apply for the following subsidies:

Check to see if you're eligible

Eligible patients can submit an application form to your nearest NWHHS facility, either in person, via email, post or fax.