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2020-12-02 16:39:54

Telehealth is the delivery of health services and information using telecommunication technology.

Telehealth can be leveraged to support new and innovative service delivery models in the health sector and facilitate access to safe, sustainable and appropriate health care that is simple, equitable and timely for all Queenslanders. The Department of Health defines telehealth as:

  • Live, audio and/or video inter-active link for clinical consultations and educational purposes
  • Store and forward telehealth - this model can involve digital images, video, audio and clinical data being captured ("stored") on the client computer; then at a convenient time transmitted securely ("forwarded") to a clinic at another location where they are studied by relevant specialists
  • Teleradiology for remote reporting and clinical advice for diagnostic images
  • Telehealth services and equipment to monitor people’s health in their home.

Video technology is used to support:

  • Emergency presentations
  • Outpatient appointments
  • In Home patient appointments
  • Sending and receiving of images for specialty advice

Benefits of telehealth

  • Connecting patients with family during hospital stay
  • To support hospital medical staff and inpatients seeking specialist advise
  • To offer emergency support to patients and health professionals in rural hospitals and primary health care centres
  • Improve patient access to health care
  • Reduce travel and inconvenience for patients, families, carers and health professionals

For more information regarding Telehealth, please contact Mount Isa Hospital on (07) 4744 4444.