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North West HHS participates in Doomadgee cross-cultural awareness training

North West HHS participates in Doomadgee cross-cultural awareness training

2024-04-19 15:46:30

North West HHS participates in Doomadgee cross-cultural awareness training

19th April 2024

North West Hospital and Health Service (North West HHS) has recently partnered with the Doomadgee Aboriginal Shire Council to provide healthcare workers from multiple disciplines with cross-cultural awareness and community protocols training.

Executive Director First Nations Health Christine Mann said the training aims to further the learning and development of North West HHS employees to support them in providing a more holistic and culturally appropriate service to the Doomadgee community.

“Understanding the cultural nuances and perspectives of the Doomadgee community is pivotal in delivering healthcare that truly respects and meets their needs,” Ms Mann said.

“-Through this cross-cultural awareness training, we are not just building bridges, but nurturing relationships based on mutual understanding and respect.”

The workshop was organised by North West HHS Health Equity Nurse Navigator – Charlotte Mullins, who said it was identified there was a need for staff visiting First Nations communities to complete the training in line with the Doomadgee Aboriginal Shire Council requirements.

“I have been nursing for 38 years and through my role I have been able to use my specialty knowledge in First Nations health and intertwine this in the delivery of service to all population groups within the North West HHS, as improving health is everyone’s responsibility,” Ms Mullins said.

The training was facilitated by local, North Gunnalunja Waanyi woman Kelly Barclay, endorsed by Gangalidda man Mr Kenneth Gilbert and Gangalidda Elder Mrs Rosemary Foster.

Ms Kelly Barclay speaks to the importance of this training to provide an improved level of healthcare delivery to the Doomadgee community.

“It’s all about equipping our service providers with knowledge about our people at home in Doomadgee, to be able to deliver a culturally appropriate service, a reliable service, and a sustainable service for our people,” Ms Barclay said.

“- From this experience I hope the employees understand the importance of building rapport with people and opening the communication channels and not being scared to make friends and mingle with the community, we want to get to know people outside of the service they deliver.”