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New MRI services for Mount Isa

New MRI services for Mount Isa

2021-07-27 12:52:31

New MRI services for Mount Isa

25th January 2021

Image Caption: Clinical Director Anaesthetics Dr Denise Keavy and I-MED Radiographer Anthea Haines prepare for the new MRI services.

Possibly one of the most remote magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) services in Australia now has the ability to offer MRI under general anaesthesia.

While Mount Isa Hospital’s imaging department has offered MRI for around four years, until now it has only been compatible with patient sedation rather than general anaesthetic.

Clinical Director Anaesthetics Dr Denise Keavy said the arrival of an MRI compatible anaesthetic machine has made it possible to safely give a general anaesthetic and monitor the patient whilst having an MRI.

Dr Keavy said the new MRI service would deliver enormous benefits to patients, their families and staff.

“This allows children and adults with claustrophobia or movement disorder the opportunity to access the service they need without travelling, and for patients from other parts of the NWHHS, they will now be able to have an MRI in Mount Isa, rather than needing to travel all the way to Brisbane or Townsville.”

“The scans themselves can still be viewed by specialists elsewhere - for example the paediatricians at Queensland Children’s Hospital - that are involved in their care.”

One of the first new MRI patient this week was four-year-old Hezekiah from Normanton.

His mother Alexis said the new service had saved them a trip to Townsville, and although she was understandably nervous about the procedure, she was happy that the service was now available.

“It will make the process easier, because he will remain still and we’ll get the best outcome,” she said.


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