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Mount Isa Hospital hosts SWAPNet Rural Perioperative Team Training

Mount Isa Hospital hosts SWAPNet Rural Perioperative Team Training

2024-05-03 09:45:16

Mount Isa Hospital hosts SWAPNet Rural Perioperative Team Training

3rd May 2024

Mount Isa Hospital recently played host to the Statewide Anaesthesia and Perioperative Care Clinical Network (SWAPNet) Rural Perioperative Team Training Program, providing a vital opportunity to enhance the skills and knowledge of healthcare professionals serving rural and remote communities throughout the North West region. 

The intensive program was first introduced in November 2019 provides expert training and upskilling opportunities for healthcare staff in areas where access to such resources may be limited. 

The training program, designed to bolster teamwork, communication, and crisis management skills, serves as a crucial avenue for rural healthcare professionals to acquire advanced expertise in areas such as leadership, effective communication techniques, and emergency response within perioperative settings. 

North West Hospital and Health Service Chief Executive Sean Birgan said 25 medical, nursing, and theatre support staff from Mount Isa Hospital actively participated in the transformative training experience, which included hands-on skill development sessions on defibrillation and front-of-neck access, alongside immersive crisis management scenarios based on real-life events. 

“These sessions not only deepen participants' understanding of their roles and responsibilities but also equips them with the confidence and capabilities to effectively manage emergencies in challenging environments,” Mr Birgan said. 

“We are incredibly appreciative for the expertise offered by the training team and their dedication to ensuring that our rural healthcare workforce possesses the essential skills and knowledge required to deliver excellent patient care, particularly in demanding situations." 

SWAPNet Coordinator and training program facilitator Karen Hamilton, highlighted the broader impact of the program, which extends beyond Mount Isa Hospital to encompass 26 rural sites across Queensland. 

“Despite recent challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, this session marked the 33rd successful delivery of the program, reaffirming its importance in empowering rural healthcare professionals throughout the region,” Ms Hamilton said. 

“The teamwork, engagement, enthusiasm and camaraderie demonstrated by the participants throughout the two days was impressive and very much appreciated by the training team.” 

The program, led by a team of esteemed experts including Drs. Christopher Stonell and Bernard Whitfield, alongside Kathryn Herrick, Michael Bishop, Nikita King, and Karen Hamilton, was made possible through the support of the Healthcare Improvement Unit, Clinical Excellence Queensland.