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Mornington Island receives funding for new primary health clinic

Mornington Island receives funding for new primary health clinic

2024-07-01 09:52:06

Mornington Island receives funding for new primary health clinic

24th June 2024

North West Hospital and Health Service is pleased to announce the allocation of $4.1 million to construct an additional primary healthcare facility on Mornington Island.

This project will be carried out in partnership with Strategic Builders Pty Ltd, the successful tender.

The new clinic will complement the existing hospital and is specifically designed to allow greater access to clinical treatment.  

It will feature four additional consultation rooms and dedicated staff spaces, enhancing the healthcare services available to the Mornington Island community.

Construction is scheduled to commence in mid-August, with an estimated completion date in late December 2024 to early January 2025.

Chief Executive Sean Birgan said the new building will make a significant impact to service delivery and this new building has the full support of the Mornington Island Shire Council and Health Council.

“Our staff at Mornington Island do a great job of caring for their community, and this new contemporary health facility will enhance the services provided, ensuring better access to healthcare for all residents and visitors.” Mr Birgan said.

Director of Nursing at Mornington Island, Scott Windsor, feels with a growing community it’s crucial healthcare services can keep up with demand.

“It’s important we have all the essential services for our local community but also for the grey nomads and tourists who visit throughout the year,” Mr Windsor stated.

“This new clinic will significantly improve our capacity to serve patients efficiently, and it’s a crucial step forward in providing comprehensive care to our community.”