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Mornington Island Hospital’s new renal unit officially opens.

Mornington Island Hospital’s new renal unit officially opens.

2024-07-05 08:49:00

Mornington Island Hospital’s new renal unit officially opens.

5th July 2024

The community of Mornington Island is now better equipped to treat dialysis patients closer to home with the opening of the new renal dialysis unit at Mornington Island Hospital.

This facility marks a significant milestone in healthcare access for remote residents ensuring they receive essential medical care without the need to travel long distances.

The first patients were officially moved into the unit on Friday 28 June, including Mr Frank Watt.

Mr Watt expressed his gratitude about being able to receive treatment on country and was accompanied by his loving family for his first session in the new facility.

The unit features six chairs catering to patients who independently dialyse and those requiring clinical support from specialist dialysis nurses, ensuring all patients regardless of their level of independence, receive the necessary care and attention during their treatment.

Chief Executive Sean Birgan shared his thoughts on the new facility and feedback received so far from the community.

“The response from patients and staff has been very encouraging as we have always strived to provide the best, most culturally sensitive healthcare services to our community, and the new renal dialysis unit is a significant step in that direction.” Mr Birgan said.

“The new, more permanent renal dialysis unit allows us to deliver healthcare services more efficiently and effectively, providing better continuity of care and enhancing overall patient experience.”

Mornington Island Director of Nursing, Scott Windsor, will lead the team to ensure the service is delivered with exceptional care and consideration for cultural safety.

“This new facility is a testament to our commitment to providing high-quality healthcare services to our community.” Mr Windsor said.

“It represents a significant improvement in the quality of life for our dialysis patients and their families; having access to such critical services locally means that patients can maintain their routines and support networks, which is vital to their well-being.”

North West Hospital and Health Service endeavours to deliver services on country where possible, ensuring our rural and remote communities receive the best possible care on country.