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Melanoma detection program launches in Mount Isa

Melanoma detection program launches in Mount Isa

2024-01-19 15:11:48

Melanoma detection program launches in Mount Isa

19th January 2024

North West Hospital and Health Service (HHS) is leading the detection of melanoma in rural and remote Queensland in the fight against skin cancer, through 3D body scanning technology.

North West HHS has joined the world’s largest melanoma imaging trial, funded by the Australian Cancer Research Foundation’s $10 million Australian Centre of Excellence in Melanoma and Imaging (ACEMID) research project.

A state-of-the-art 3D total body skin imaging system (VECTRA) has been installed at Mount Isa Hospital. This technology offers 360-degree imaging of all exposed surfaces of the skin and builds a 3D avatar of the patient capturing more than 95 per cent of the body’s skin surface. This image is then used to track and trace changes in moles on the skin over time.

North West HHS Chief Executive Sean Birgan highlighted the significance of this advancement in North West Queensland.

“Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer and early detection can potentially be lifesaving,” Mr Birgan said.

“We are proud to join the ACEMID research project and have one of 15 machines right here in Mount Isa.

"The implementation of VECTRA will help revolutionise our ability to map, monitor and diagnose skin conditions and cancers, providing earlier diagnosis and treatment for residents in our region.”

The ACEMID research project is a collaboration between The University of Queensland, The University of Sydney and Monash University, marking a significant stride towards advancing melanoma diagnosis and care.

Patients interested in joining the study can register their interest by emailing:
More information can be found at: