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Accreditation success for North West Hospital and Health Service

Accreditation success for North West Hospital and Health Service

2024-02-08 12:08:00

Accreditation success for North West Hospital and Health Service

8th February 2024

The North West Hospital and Health Service (HHS) has had its national accreditation renewed by the Australian Council of Healthcare Standards (ACHS). 

North West HHS Chief Executive Sean Birgan said the review conducted by ACHS surveyors was part of a national scheme for maintaining and improving safety and quality standards in health facilities. 

“Accreditation is a significant achievement as it proves to the community our commitment to patient safety and quality,’’ Mr Birgan said. 

“The ACHS is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that’s internationally recognised for excellence in assessment and evaluation and is responsible for periodically accrediting the majority of health organisations throughout Australia.”

 Mr Birgan said the renewal of the ACHS accreditation was a reflection of the health service’s commitment to maintaining and delivering the highest standards of health care and patient safety.

 “The number one priority for the North West HHS is and always will be providing safe patient care,” he said. 

“The survey team have confirmed that we have met all mandatory actions within the national standards. 

“Achieving accreditation independently confirms our standard of care and our commitment to improving the health of our communities across the North West.” 

Mr Birgan said the North West HHS achieved outstanding results across national standards concerning governance and safety. 

“It is truly rewarding to see such high ratings reflecting our commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare across the region,” he said. 

The review of the North West HHS was conducted by a team of nine healthcare professionals from ACHS who visited the region's health facilities in November 2023.

During the assessment, the survey team evaluated the health service against the National Safety and Quality Health Standards, including eight standards for Hospital and Health Services, as well as the Aged Care Standards. 

Over the course of one week, the survey team conducted physical inspections of facilities, engaged with staff and consumer representatives, participated in community meetings, and scrutinised health documentation. 

The survey team commended the North West Hospital and Health Board for its focus on fostering an organisational culture that prioritises patient safety, quality, and innovation. 

North West Hospital and Health Board Chair Cheryl Vardon said the health service received praise for its commitment and efforts to meet the standards comprehensively through workforce education and training, as well as enhancing medical presence at many remote sites. 

“I would like to thank all North West HHS staff for their work and cooperation throughout this very comprehensive accreditation process,” Ms Vardon said. 

“It is pleasing to receive this national validation of the level of our care and our governance, but it is also valuable to receive recommendations for future development. 

“Our HHS will take forward the feedback we received to further improve our service.  

“In the coming months, we will be working closely with our consumers on our future planning and service direction.’’